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Welcome to our exclusive Courses section at K-An Beauty & Spa! In this space dedicated to learning and transformation, we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of knowledge that will enhance your well-being and beauty.

Discover a variety of courses designed to nourish your mind, body and spirit. From relaxation techniques to skin care secrets, our programs are taught by experts in the field, committed to guiding you on a path of self-discovery and personal improvement.

Eyelash and eyebrow courses

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of ocular aesthetics with our specialized course in Eyelashes and Eyebrows. You will learn advanced design and application techniques to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. Discover the keys to achieving captivating looks and gain specialized skills in:

  • Eyelash Extensions: Master the technique of applying extensions to achieve longer and more voluminous eyelashes.
  • Eyebrow Design: Learn to sculpt and shape eyebrows in a personalized way, highlighting each client’s unique facial expression.
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting: Explore how to enhance the natural color of your eyelashes and eyebrows for a defined, long-lasting look.
  • Care and Maintenance: Learn the best practices for the care and maintenance of extensions and eyebrows, guaranteeing impeccable long-term results.
  • Care and Maintenance: Learn the best practices for the care and maintenance of extensions and eyebrows, guaranteeing impeccable long-term results.
¿What is it suitable for?

This course is ideal for estheticians, makeup artists and beauty professionals looking to hone their skills and offer exceptional lash and brow services. It is also perfect for those who want to start a career in the fascinating world of ocular aesthetics.

Flovotomy Course

Discover the art of Phlevotomy and specialize in venous treatments. Our course will provide you with practical knowledge and make you an expert in:


  • Vascular Anatomy: Thoroughly understand the anatomy of the venous system to effectively address venous problems.
  • Phlevotomy Techniques: Learn advanced incision and extraction techniques to treat varicose veins and varicose veins precisely.
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis: Develop skills to evaluate and diagnose venous conditions, allowing you to design personalized treatments.
  • Postoperative Care: Familiarize yourself with postoperative care protocols to ensure optimal recovery and long-lasting results.
  • Prevention and Education: Gain knowledge to educate your patients about preventing venous problems and promoting vascular health.
¿What is it suitable for?

Aimed at health professionals such as doctors, nurses and vein specialists, this course offers a unique opportunity to expand knowledge and skills in the treatment of venous problems. It is also suitable for those seeking to specialize in advanced Phlevotomy techniques.

Wood therapy course

Explore the benefits of Maderotherapy and learn techniques that will revitalize the skin and improve circulation. In this course, you will acquire skills in:

  • Fat reduction: Emslim can eliminate up to 30% of fat in the treated area.
  • Wood Massage: Discover massage techniques with different types of wood to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle tension.
  • Body Modeling: Learn to use wood therapy tools to sculpt and tone various areas of the body.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Master the application of woods in lymphatic drainage techniques to reduce fluid retention and improve skin texture.
  • Exfoliation and Regeneration: Learn how to use wood therapy tools to exfoliate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Personalized Protocols: Develop the ability to create personalized wood therapy protocols adapted to the specific needs of each client.
¿What is it suitable for?
  • This course is perfect for massage therapists, estheticians and wellness professionals who want to incorporate natural and revitalizing techniques into their services.
  • It is also suitable for entrepreneurs looking to stand out in the growing body treatment market.


Immerse yourself in fascinating Metaltherapy and learn how to use minerals and metals to promote harmony and well-being. This course will provide you with knowledge in:

  • Therapeutic Properties: Explore the healing properties of different metals and minerals to balance energies and promote health.
  • Metal Massage: Learn massage techniques using metal tools to relax muscles and improve circulation.
  • Energy Treatments: Discover how to apply the energy of metals and minerals in specific treatments to relieve tension and revitalize the skin.
  • Applications: Gain skills in metal facial treatments, offering clients a rejuvenating experience.
  • Combat Stress: Learn strategies to use Metaltherapy as an effective tool in reducing stress and promoting mental well-being.
¿What is it suitable for?
  • Ideal for holistic therapists, massage therapists and wellness professionals, this course appeals to those looking to integrate the energy and healing properties of metals and minerals into their treatments.
  • It is also appropriate for those who wish to offer alternative therapeutic approaches for mental and physical well-being.

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“After trying the brow henna service at K-an Beauty & Spa, I can’t help but admire the result. The durability of the color and the perfect shape they achieved is amazing. The team not only applied the henna masterfully, but She also gave me grooming tips to keep my brows looking fresh. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for naturally beautiful, long-lasting brows!”

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