Volume Lashes

An advanced eyelash extension technique that applies multiple lighter extensions in the form of a fan to each natural eyelash. Unlike classic individual extensions, Volume Lashes create a more complete and dramatic look, achieving significant fullness and a smooth texture.

¿What is included?

The professional application of voluminous eyelash extensions using the fanning technique, customization according to the client’s preferences, the use of high-quality adhesive, a detailed initial consultation, and aftercare tips to guarantee a dramatic and long-lasting appearance.

Touch Up – Volume

Touch ups are required to maintain the fullness of your lashes. Book every 2-4 weeks. Must have at least 40% of lash extensions left at time of touch up (left up to the discretion of the last artist) or a full set will be required.


Volume allows you to maintain the extreme fullness of voluminous eyelash extensions.

Contributes to maintaining a uniform and coherent appearance.

adjustments can be made according to the customer’s changing preferences


  • Precedence 90 min.
  • 12 hour care.
  • —————

Complete Set – Volume

The volume technique is a method that can be applied SAFELY between 2 and 6 super thin and light extensions per natural eyelash.


Provides extreme fullness and a fanning effect, creating lashes with significant and eye-catching volume.

Allows complete customization in terms of volume.

Despite the additional fullness, the extensions used in Volume Lashes are lighter.


  • Precedence 220 min.
  • 6 week follow up not included.
  • —————

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